Whmcs 6.0.2 Nulled

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Aug 30, 2015
Whmcs 6.0.2 Nulled
CORE-7086 - Remove legacy Plesk 8, 9 & 10 modules since Plesk have now EOL'd them
CORE-8411 - Hide provisioning modules that don't utilise servers from Server setup area
VSIX-23 - Ensure appropriate fallback for invalid eNom API credentials
VSIX-137 - Revisit the config domain lookup admin page
VSIX-313 - Make server modules aware of custom port settings.
VSIX-316 - Update Licensing Addon to take advantage of new client area functionality
VSIX-335 - Order form billing cycle validation not returning correct value under certain conditions
VSIX-340 - Check now button in Network Status home widget lacks button styling
VSIX-344 - Quote PDF generation fails due to logo path error
VSIX-351 - Fix display of accepted credit cards select box in General Settings
VSIX-352 - Some pages of the Modern order form template lack styling
VSIX-353 - Client area homepage panels only use left column
VSIX-355 - My Emails popup box uses incorrect paths for assets
VSIX-358 - Duplicate language file entry exists for hosting keyword
VSIX-360 - eNom Namespinner should fallback gracefully on IP access control issue
VSIX-364 - Check for updates page has extra line spacing than it should
VSIX-378 - Client area language selections are not persistent
VSIX-381 - Add backwards compatibility for WHMCS_ClientArea
VSIX-382 - Remove saved credit card not working in client area
VSIX-386 - Webroot calculation doesn't translate non-absolute paths
VSIX-387 - Allow filtering client area product list by module
VSIX-400 - Restore array input parameter type to all ClientAreaPage hooks


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Nov 26, 2009
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