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Feb 6, 2006
Bản này full bao gồm tiếng việt admin và giao diện người dùng fix các lỗi check tên miền Việt Nam
Version 7.2.3
Inclusion of latest v2 Project Management Addon

CORE-10040 - Improve handling of translated product descriptions which contain HTML markup
Also known as: CORE-11398
CORE-10106 - Improve order summary logic to accommodate multiple & frequent configurable option changes
CORE-10311 - Ensure domain length restrictions are honored throughout the cart workflows
CORE-10522 - Ensure Quote Delivery email is logged in respective client history
Also known as: CORE-11423
CORE-10564 - Ensure support ticket notifications are only received by acting sub-account and primary account users
CORE-10590 - Improve handling of domain search terms whose characters have HTML entities
CORE-10829 - Improve calculation routines for Escalation Rules limited by reply time
CORE-10875 - Correct display of domain search results as part of product selection in cart
CORE-10928 - Improve warning message displayed when Stripe template change is required
CORE-10934 - Assert Block Existing Domains for transfer orders
CORE-11294 - .bid whois server update
CORE-11300 - Correct client search for queries based custom field
Also known as: CORE-11371
CORE-11314 - Correct additional domain field structure as provided to ShoppingCartValidateDomainsConfig hook
CORE-11342 - Update .club WHOIS match string
CORE-11343 - Correct variable assignment and scope to allow documented mutation via ClientAreaPageCart
CORE-11347 - Correctly display recurring amount's tax calculation for multiple domain orders
Also known as: CORE-11416
CORE-11352 - Correct .ca additional domain field for CIRA terms requirement
CORE-11354 - Correct password value provided to ContactAdd hook
CORE-11357 - Correct Spanish translation for affiliateswithdrawn
CORE-11364 - Ensure Knowledgebase multi-word tags create valid URL slugs
CORE-11368 - Prevent undefined method error when ordering a product addon with 100% promo code
CORE-11369 - Correct subtotal calculation for taxed negative amount line items
CORE-11373 - Correct Module Queue link for provisioning addons
CORE-11374 - Ensure hosting addons are properly move when parent service is moved
CORE-11375 - Correct variable assignment and scope to allow documented mutation via ClientAreaPage
CORE-11376 - Correct displayed sort order for Knowledgebase articles
CORE-11378 - Correctly allow Contact recipients for Quote Delivery emails
CORE-11381 - Correct displayed term for product addons when shopping by group
CORE-11383 - Prevent erroneous 405 HTTP response for MarketConnect SSL Certificates page
CORE-11385 - Improve Paypal refund currency conversion type logic
CORE-11388 - Correct link for Pending Orders widget on Admin Summary page
CORE-11389 - Improve language fallback for Announcements
CORE-11390 - Correct description for the territory of Yukon to not include "Territory"
CORE-11392 - Correct configuration and redirect behaviors for domains within checkout process
CORE-11394 - Ensure language selection within the Knowledgebase redirects back to currently viewed article
CORE-11395 - Prevent duplicate Content-Type headers in particular Admin responses
CORE-11396 - Ensure premium domain registration pricing is provided to registrars for transfer requests
CORE-11397 - Update TLD country-based category list to include .gr
CORE-11409 - Allow client session to persist when performing Add Order as authentication admin in Admin Area
CORE-11417 - Correct listing for the Indian State Uttarakhand
CORE-11418 - Ensure Field Type is properly selected when displaying an addon custom field in the Admin Area
CORE-11420 - Ensure sender attribute is appropriately assigned when configured to use local delivery
Also known as: MODULE-6587
CORE-11427 - Do not allow malformed HTML product descriptions to prevent adding product to cart
CORE-11430 - Improve Admin management UX for MarketConnect related services
CORE-11452 - Allow provisioning modules to override Change Package module command button label
CORE-11456 - Correct missing language key for error condition regarding domain transfer during cart workflow
CORE-11457 - Prevent fatal error condition when moving service
CORE-11461 - Prevent spurious SQL error log entries related to license validation

PMA-57 - Prevent error for v1 projects with associated invoices
PMA-61 - Ensure tax setting is applied appropriately for invoices create via Project Management
PMA-65 - Update default view filter to only include active/incomplete tasks
PMA-70 - Correct endpoint dispatch for Add Project from Support Ticket
PMA-73 - Correct role assertion as configured for Project Management

MODULE-5960 (#GitHub 5370) - Prevent error when creating a Plesk account when client details contain special characters
Also known as: CORE-7812
MODULE-6256 - Cannot create Plesk login session if client is using a proxy/firewall
MODULE-6513 - Correct currency type calculations for Paypal overpayments
MODULE-6551 - Update SecurePay AU endpoint URLs
MODULE-6569 - Update Plesk Module to reflect upstream changes
Also known as: MODULE-6202
MODULE-6577 - Correct link provided within email generated by MarketConnect SSL Resend Configuration Email
MODULE-6581 - Remove superfluous addon reference when obtaining cPanel usage statistics
MODULE-6582 - Remove debugging log entry routine from Moneris Vault
MODULE-6584 - Correct aggregation of address data submitted to Sage Pay Forms for US purchasers
MODULE-6586 - Prevent provisioning errors in cPanel module from affecting checkout
MODULE-6589 - Correct output rendering for licensing module client area product details
MODULE-6592 - Prevent relational query error when collecting usage stats with Interworx
MODULE-6594 - Correct command link for Admin Configure Certificate associated with MarketConnect SSL addon
MODULE-6595 - Correct custom fields aggregation for MarketConnect addons
MODULE-6596 - Improve auto provision for standalone MarketConnect services related to domains of client's account
MODULE-6597 - Correct client area product details single sign-on for MarketConnect services purchased as standalone products
MODULE-6601 - Open MarketConnect Admin SSO requests in new window
MODULE-6602 - Improve CSS for MarketConnect upsell banners to prevent text overlap

CORE-11138 - Correct Markdown parameter in support ticket API documentation
CORE-11346 - Prevent fatal error for getclientsdetails & domainwhois local API
CORE-11360 - Correctly return pricing info for GetTLDPricing API
CORE-11362 - Correct XML API response type for 3+N deep result structures
CORE-11431 - Correct documentation reference for StartTaskTimer API
CORE-11432 - Correct documentation reference for DeleteQuote API

CORE-10938 - Refinements for Farsi translation
CORE-10971 - Update Portuguese-BR translation
CORE-11123 - Refinements for client and admin Turkish translations
CORE-11154 - Update Portuguese-PT translation
CORE-11355 - Update client and admin Hungarian translations
CORE-11377 - Update Hebrew translation
CORE-11407 - Update admin Hebrew translation
CORE-11421 - Refinements for German translation


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Nov 23, 2017
coppy file vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/License.php xong update rồi úp đè file đó lại nhé .
Có phải mình coppy file License.php hiện tại ra ngoài rồi sau đó coppy đè License.php vào, update xong lại coppy file License.php cũ vào đúng không
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