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Feb 6, 2006
ADDON-6025 - Correct display of not applicable project due dates on Dashboard Widget
CORE-10834 - Prevent false negative assessment for System Health Status SSL check
CORE-12334 - Ensure invoice itemizes multiple domain renewal fees
CORE-12578 - Update WHOIS server for .sa
CORE-12586 - Ensure fontselect and fontsizeselect options are available in WYSIWYG editor
CORE-12587 - Correct twitter brand icons
CORE-12592 - Update WHOIS server for .gr
CORE-12594 - Optimize ticket count aggregation queries
CORE-12595 - Correct envelope icon clientarea
CORE-12596 - Correct CSS icons required for Ticket Feedback
CORE-12600 - Correct link path for SiteLock Learn More
CORE-12601 - Correct credit card branding icons related to Client Summary
CORE-12602 - Improve logic detection of Std Whois when auto-enabling WHMCS Namespinning
CORE-12603 - Correct JS related to "Message Preview" button on "Mass Mail Tool"
    Also known as: CORE-12640
CORE-12604 - Update branded credit card icons
CORE-12613 - Correct Advanced Client Search in sidebar
CORE-12615 - Exclude domain sync from generic daily cron collection, honoring its own schedule setting
CORE-12620 - Correct enforcement of Admin 2FA on Next Login
CORE-12627 - Use translatable string for KB search input placeholder
CORE-12628 - Use translatable string for KB Related Articles heading
CORE-12633 - Correct Advanced Client Search filter by Default Payment Method
CORE-12634 - Correct filter logic for UpdateDomainExpiryStatus task
CORE-12635 - Correct display of credit card icons on "manage credit card"
CORE-12637 - Correct formatting of product description in standard cart
CORE-12639 - Ensure domain sync cron tasks are setup on fresh install
CORE-12642 - Update India state name of Odisha
CORE-12649 - Update WHOIS for .cl
CORE-12654 - Prevent erroneous exception for missing promotions in orderforms
MODULE-6825 - Suppress expected Maxmind warnings related to region
MODULE-6830 - Correct handling of nameserver data for Enom
MODULE-6832 - Correct detection of existing recurring payment after enabling 2CO Inline
MODULE-6834 - Correct display of PayPal Subscribe button when upgrading from free to paid product
MODULE-6840 - Correct application credits and promotions on upgrade invoices with 2CO Inline
MODULE-6841 - Use 2CO Inline's Approval status for payment transition
MODULE-6842 - Correct Enom error message aggregation for GetDomainInformation
MODULE-6844 - Prevent spurious error with Accept.JS which may prevent first payment attempts
MODULE-6848 - Prevent Module Not Found error on renewal of a service without a module
MODULE-6854 - Improve 2CO API request for more strict service endpoint
    Also known as: CORE-12665
CORE-12574 - Update Hungarian translations
CORE-12608 - Update Hungarian translations
CORE-12638 - Update Italian translations
CORE-12643 - Update Romanian translation
CORE-12648 - Update German translations
CORE-12661 - Update Italian translations


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