WHMCS Version 6.3.1 nulled


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Feb 6, 2006
WHMCS Version 6.3.1 nulled
whmcs v 6.3.1 nulled is now available.
In whmcs v 6.3.1 nulled, we've focused on the ticket system with many exciting enhancements including:


Rich-Text Formatting - now you can apply styles to your text, as well as bulleted and numbered lists, code blocks and more, thanks to the introduction of Markdown support
Auto-saving - your reply is now saved as you type which coupled with improved session timeout detection helps to ensure you never lose that long reply you've been working on
Improved Notifications - a new simpler, clearer ticket notification design keeps you better informed of activity and changes to support tickets you are assigned to or watching
Ticket Watching - watching a ticket keeps you in the loop with email notifications any time a reply or change is made, allowing you to see a ticket through to resolution
More Powerful Search - supporting multiple department and status criteria concurrently allows you to build the ticket views that work for you
In-line Ticket Notes - document your work and allow your colleagues to see your notes in chronological order, right alongside customer replies
Image Attachment Previews - view image attachments more quickly and easily without having to download them thanks to full-screen in-line previews
Learn more about the ticket system improvements here.

Version 6.3 also introduces support for localising product names, descriptions and more with Easy Translation, Email Address Verification, Improved Email Notification Styling and more.

You can read the complete changelog here.

As always, please remember pre-production releases are not intended for production use and should only be used for testing.

Feature Spotlight: Support Ticket Enhancements

Last week, we previewed the Easy Translation feature in WHMCS 6.3. Today, we're turning the spotlight on the Ticket System.

The Support Ticket System is one of the most widely used features of the WHMCS product and in WHMCS 6.3, there's a lot of new and improved functionality to help optimise and improve support workflows.

Markdown Support

Support tickets now support Markdown, a text based markup language allowing for things such as bold, italics, lists, code blocks and more.

Available in both the client and admin areas for tickets and notes, a new user friendly editor makes it easy to apply formatting and create dynamic, eye catching messages using a variety of text design features. Common keyboard shortcuts are also supported for a more natural editor experience.


Leveraging HTML Local Storage, support ticket replies are now saved as you type meaning an end to lost content if your connection drops. This means you can start typing a reply, navigate away from the page, and when you return, your content will still be there ready for you to pick up where you left off.

Reply and Assign

Now ticket options such as department, status, assignment and priority can all be changed at the same time as posting a reply or note to a ticket. A feature that optimises your workflow and can save you precious seconds and clicks.


With WHMCS 6.3, staff members can elect to watch any ticket they view, after which they are notified any time a change or reply is made. The notifications also use a new and improved email notification template designed to make it easier and clearer to see what has changed.

Wait, there's more..?

That's right. That's not all, there's also more powerful ticket list search and filter options, with the ability to filter for multiple criteria at the same time, in-line ticket notes that allow staff to leave chronological notes in tickets, in-line preview of image attachments and persistence for merged tickets allowing you to locate tickets using their original ticket numbers and subjects, even after they have been merged.

Thanks for reading!

How do I upgrade?

As this is a major update, no incremental patch version is available but the upgrade process remains the same. Simply upload the new files to your installation, visit the installer to make any required database changes and then update any custom templates as required.

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